Stunt Puppy – Stunt Runner, A Leash for the Dog Runner

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When we welcomed Lila to our family last September I started counting the days until I could take her running with me. What I didn’t know was how inconvenient carrying the leash would be. It was a constant switching of hands the leash was carried as Lila changed directions or stopped to do what dogs do, SNIFF. Carrying a leash also limited the number of hands I had to carry either my phone or bottle of water. Before long I started to dread running, until I was introduced to Stunt Puppy!

The Stunt Runner from Stunt Puppy is a leash that allows you to go “Hands Free” running with your four legged friend! Game Changer, and I cannot express this enough. I was fortunate as a BibRavePro to review the Stunt Runner and I couldn’t be more happier. For those thinking, “Okay this is just another leash, why should I change up from my current leash?” Well over the next several paragraphs you will be able to determine this is not your average leash and the benefits provided.

Lila loves packages and seems to have a sense when something arrives for her. She immediately began sniffing the simple package that arrived with the image of a dog on the outside. As soon as she got the package opened I was amazed by the look and feel of the leash.

There are several color options and I opted for the Blue. Lightweight, durable, and constructed with both the runner and dog in mind. The main feature of the leash, in my opinion, is the bungee section. The bungee allows for variance in stride, pace and direction between dog and runner without limited to no adjustment needed. For me this was huge, as with my old leash I didn’t notice that Lila stopped until it was too late. Another key feature is the adjustable waist belt, which allowed adjustment for my eight year old daughter to use. This gave her the confidence that she too could take Lila out for a walk without the fear of dropping the leash and having Lila take off. Adjustment was simple and fast having her off and running 30 seconds later. How many of you that do run with your dog get tangled up in the leash? Well I know I did and the Stunt Puppy leash solved those not so proud moments of tripping over the leash. The floating D-Ring and length adjustment allows you to keep your dog in close or let them have their freedom while remaining in the sweet spot without any tugging. Finally the ability to be hands free allowed me to keep my natural running form.

Product Description via Stunt Puppy


  • Durable tubular webbing is soft to the touch, strong and durable
  • Super-strong, lightweight Stunt Puppy Alpha™ hardware
  • Duraflex® buckles


  • We kept it simple, light and easy to adjust on the move
  • Floating D-ring on the waist belt keeps your dog in the sweet spot without tugging on the waist belt
  • Flex in the bungee section absorbs variances in stride, speed and direction
  • Length adjustment allows dogs to run ahead, out wide or behind without creating a drag or drop on the leash when running in close and accommodates taller or smaller dogs
  • Static portion provides an emergency grab-handle

Here is a video of the Stunt Puppy – Stunt Runner in action:

My overall opinion of the Stunt Puppy – Stunt Runner has been extremely “pawsitive” and provided a new found love of running with my pup. We recently completed our longest runner together of seven miles and enjoyed ever step of it. The Stunt Puppy leash is versatile and easy adjustable to fit the varying sizes of our family members. The quality of the materials used has me comfortable that I will be using this product for years to come and it is a great investment for those who love to walk or run with your four legged friends.

Do you run with your dogs? What are you using today as a leash?

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