Product Review: Earth’s Care -Pain Relieving Ointment

Disclaimer: I received a container of Earth’s Care – Pain Relieving Ointment to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


Any one who has an active lifestyle is sure to experience minor aches and pains at some point during their life.  For those of us who run on a daily basis, know all to well the pounding our bodies take over the course of a year.  Luckily there are self remedies on the market that can be used to ease those aches and keep you racking up the mileage.  So which one to choose, as a walk down the convenience aisle will have you scratching your head with so many options.

In comes Earth’s Care, a company who prides itself on using “predominantly natural ingredients” in all of their products.  A quick glance on their website and you will find they offer a variety of products ranging from acne treatments, skin care and pain relief (the subject of this review).  From their website you will also find they use no petrolatum, parabens and No ANIMAL testing!  Huge!

Now on to the review of Earth’s Care Pain Relieveing Ointment.  So this sample arrived at the perfect time as I’ve been logging some significant miles in the blustery cold temperatures.  Queue up the aches and pains!  I swiftly opened up the package and cracked open the lid.  I expected to be overwhelmed with a strong menthol scent, but instead found it to be mild.  Most ointments that I use are very oily and are of the roll on base and I did not find Earth’s Care to be anything of the such.  No wet feeling!!!  Now here comes the humor as I sat down next to my daughter and she said, “Dad did you brush your teeth?  Your breathe smells good!”  Normally when I use these products she won’t be found within arms reach from me.  Snuggles for days!

Soon I was blessed with an Icy and Hot feeling from the product that penetrated deep into the application area and soothed my aches and pains.  I expected the soothing relief to last about 30-40 minutes, but found myself checking my watch 90 minutes later.  Give me more I said and it works!!!  So now to try it on my wife who suffers from aches standing on her feet on a daily basis.  We applied some to knees and she was pleasantly pleased as well.

I have continued to use Earth’s Care ointment on a daily basis for the last few days, varying applications to different areas, and to my surprise, well not really the aches have been relieved.

Some brief facts on the ointment…

“Earth’s Care Pain Relieving Ointment is a powerful blend of three natural ingredients that provide soothing, penetrating natural pain relief from sore muscles, joint pain, backache and minor arthritis. Our proprietary formula features Camphor, Menthol and Wintergreen Oil that together work as an effective analgesic without parabens or phthalates.”

  • Camphor 4% – Topical Analgesic
  • Menthol 10% – Topical Analgesic
  • Methyl Salicylate 15% – Topical Analgesic

To wrap up, I was presented with a unknown over the counter pain relief ointment by Earth’s Care.  A brand that promotes natural ingredients, no petrolatum, no parabems and no animal testing.  A brand that is reasonably priced against it competitors and are currently running a sale on the product.  As it stacks up I was highly pleased with the outcomes and aroma.  The wintergreen and menthol smell left me feeling soothed and receive several cuddles from my little girl.  If you are looking for relief for those aches and pains…I recommend giving Earth’s Care a try, because I will continue to!

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