Stunt Puppy Making Hydration Easy

Disclaimer: I received the Stunt Puppy Nano Bowl in exchange for my review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews! 

Now that the warmer weather is here keeping my dog hydrated on our runs is extremely important. The Stunt Puppy Nano Bowl has made that task very simple and has made me as a dog owner very happy.

With Lila being a boxer she needs a lot of water when we run. Prior to the Stunt Puppy Nano Bowl, accomplishing that was a task in itself. I would have try to get her to drink water like a human, which if you’ve ever tried, isn’t very successful. Or it was trying to cup my hands like a bowl, while pouring water into it. Once again very unsuccessful. As a BibRave pro I had the opportunity to receive the Nano Bowl for an honest review. Well let me tell you it has probably been one of my favorite piece of gear I’ve reviewed.

Specs on the Nano Bowl:

• 5″ diameter

• 5″ deep

• Weight 1 oz.

• Nanopore Waterproof™ Membrane, FDA-certified non-toxic and chemical free

• Holds 3.5 cups of water (28 fluid oz.; 0.8 liters)

• American-made fabric and construction

• Hand or machine wash

The Nano Bowl arrived and my first question was, “Will Lila really drink out of this?”, not because of the style, but she is very picky about her water bowl. So I immediately opened up the bowl and poured some water in, and to my surprise she started drinking right away. So I grabbed her Stunt Puppy Leash and we went out for our first run. She started panting before we made it around the block. My guess was she saw me carrying water and the Nano Bowl clipped to the leash. She was honestly playing me so we stopped for some water. My fears of running this summer were put to rest.

The Nano Bowl is extremely light and can be carried in your hand, easily attached to any leash, or carried in your pocket. I mean the bowl folds down pretty small so you don’t even notice it. I’ve had no issues with the bowl leaking and it cleans up easily. I normally hand wash, but the bowl is machine wash safe. I recommend anyone who runs with a dog to check out the Stunt Puppy Nano Bowl. You can’t beat the price $20 and the durability of the product is great. Lila and I will be enjoying some long summer runs with our Nano Bowl! I may even use it to drink out of.

Check out Stunt Puppy on their website, Twitter, or Instagram.

Do you run with your dog? How do you keep them hydrated?

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