Spirit of the Season 5k: (20:52)


In my quest to finish 2016 off strong and kick off 2017 with a bang, I searched for a fun holiday run!  In my searches I stumbled across the Spirit of the Seasons 5k race in Canton, OH.  So off I went and registered for my second 5k of my short career.

The race is put on by Run To Your Racing and is used as a fundraiser / food drive to support local families in need.  Registering for the race is rather inexpensive ($15.00) with the urging of bringing a non-perishable food item.  Registration is quite seamless and day of registration is offered for those who wait.

The Course:

The course consisted of a variety of surface types and elevation changes.  The start and finish line resides on the Glen Oak HS football field.  After exiting the track the course winds you down the asphalt driveway to the TowPath Trail, which is an asphalt and packed dirt sand mixture.  No issues of uneven surfaces as you loop around the perimeter of the high school, and return back down the way you exited.  In regards of spectators they were few and far between with this being only a 5k.  


The swag consisted of a cotton t-shirt, which was the first one designed for the event.  Let’s just say it will be the first of many to come!


The event was very easy to navigate to and provided close parking.  Along with picking up your Swag and race materials, the event organizers were providing donuts, coffee, and hot chocolate for those interested.

My Race:

For this race I didn’t put to much emphasis on training, but going wanted to hit a target time (20:30).   I woke up later than usual, had my breakfast had headed out for the race.   I pulled into the parking lot, headed to turn in my canned goods and picked up my bib.  After stretching for 15 minutes we were ready to start the race.  Some course directions and Santa kicked off the race.

I felt like a cannon shot me out of the starting gates and found myself chasing down 10 runners.  The first mile of the course winded out of the stadium with minor elevation changes.  I passed my first runner as we made the turn onto the packed sand and dirt and into a huge hill. I crossed the mile 1 marker at 6:40.  I felt good and slowed my pace down a tad as we entered the rolling hill section of the course and passed mile 2 at 7:00 and 13:40. Into the homestretch we came and I had my sight on passing one more runner.  I felt winded, but dug deep to find that last push and caught him on the last 100m.  I crossed the finish line at 20:52 feeling good.

Overall this was a really good organized event.  While being small I felt that there were enough runners for the energy to be high.  I ended up finishing 8th overall out of approximately 150 runners and 1st in my age group (20:52).  Unfortunately I was unable to stay to see if any medals or awards were handed out to the overall winners male/female and the top 3 finishers for each age group.  

You can find a review of this at BibRave.com along with other race reviews.  Jump in and review some of your own. 

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