Brooks Glycerin 17 Shoe Review

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Brooks Glycerin 17 running shoes in exchange for my review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews! 

As a runner I constantly hear that running is bad for your joints and the pounding of your feet on the pavement will leave you hobbled. Four years into running and I am still on the fence about that statement. My body feels great and I’ve had no issues with my joints or lower extremities. I believe selecting the right shoe, one that provides cushion and stability has kept me without issues.

As a BibRave Pro I was fortunate to test out the newly released Glycerin 17’s. Yes the shoe that Boston Marathon winner Des Linden trains in!!! Not only is that awesome, but it is a true testament of what the Glycerin 17’s were designed to do, allow runners to log many miles while providing the comfort to keep them “run happy” runners.

The Glycerin 17’s are a neutral support running shoe that used DNA Loft technology to provide comfortable cushioning, support and an engineered mesh to provide a non-constricting feel. They Glycerin 17’s come in five color options that are sure to meet the style you are looking for.







10.6oz / 300.5g


Medium, High










  • Right out of the box the Glycerin 17’s screamed sexy. The bold colors and 3D mesh of the shoe look awesome. My eyes were immediately drawn to the cushioned sole provided by DNA Loft technology. For a runner in the heat of marathon training this was a sight for sore eyes. The look of the tread had me feeling confident that running in any weather condition will be complemented. After a quick inspection I laced up and went out to “run happy” the Brooks motto! Immediately I noticed a more cushioned feel over what I am used to with my Glycerin GTS 18’s. Even with the added cushion my foot was still responsive to the road beneath my feet. I felt confident with every step. Over the last month I have had runs of various distances with the longest being 16 miles. During each and after those runs I’ve came away with the thought, these shoes were built to keep my feet and legs moving through all the miles. My favorite distance is the marathon and I am confident the Glycerin 17’s and the cushion will be the added bonus my feet need during those final miles. Another plus is the 3D mesh in the toe box allowed my toes to feel stable and protected, but allowed them to not feel constricted.
  • My final takeaway is that Brooks designed a shoe to provide runners with the added comfort, without adding too much weight. With the extra cushion you still feel the road beneath your feet with every step without losing any responsiveness. I’ve put several miles on these and they have confirmed why I am a true believer of the Brooks brand. They are not only a running shoe, but can be worn as an everyday casual shoe. After three days of traversing the four Disney parks and on my feet, I came away thinking I had plush pillows on my feet.
  • Trust me when I say these will have you feeling and believing in the motto, “Run Happy”!!!
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