Superfood Bites Pack a Powerful Punch!

“Disclaimer: I received Superfood Bites from Food Groove Mission to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro(ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Snacking healthy for me is an important part of my life. I travel frequently, which in the past has led to snacking on whatever I could get my hands on. We all know that bad habit can lead to less than beneficial fueling for athletic training. Finding the right snack can be daunting at times and the Superfood Bites by Food Groove Mission found me at just the right time.

The Superfood Bites are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with flavor to boot! The bites come in three flavors Holy Truffle Punch, The Nutty Adventurer, and Mother Earth. Each package of 10 bites comes in a re-sealable pouch that gives you the option to eat all of them at once, or save some for later. They are easy to travel with and have become a staple in my back pack and I’ve even taken them on runs.

As a BibRavePro we had the opportunity to try all of the three flavors that Food Groove Mission had to offer. The package showed up with a personalized letter from the team and I immediately opened up The Nutty Adventurer. Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Well peanut butter is a vice for me and I have to admit I devoured the entire pouch and loved every single bite! The flavor isn’t overwhelming, but what I enjoyed about the bite was the texture. I just so happened to have a run that afternoon so had the opportunity to put the superfood to the test and it passed with flying colors. As expect The Nutty Adventurer is my favorite flavor.

When I think of the Holy Truffle Punch I think of berries and chocolate. The flavor of the dark chocolate and Gogi Berries is fantastic and eating a few is a hard task. There are several chocolate lovers in my household and I had to hide these to ensure they weren’t mistaken as a family treat. Honestly these bites are my go to when I have a long run on the schedule. The resealable packages are great as I can space the bites over the course of the run without fearing of them falling out. Overall this is the family favorite.

Finally the last flavor and one that I didn’t think I would enjoy very much, Mother Earth. For me at first I thought the taste was a bit “earthy”, however the full flavor was rendered on the second time I had this flavor. I am not sure what it was, but the flavor of the various berries and nuts truly came out. While Mother Earth may not be my favorite, it still provides the necessary energy and healthy snack that I look for.

The Superfood Bites by Food Groove Mission have a flavor to satisfy every urge to snack. Not only are they FLAVORFUL snacks, they are packed with healthy ingredients. One thing that I do know is they will be found on the snack shelf in my household for sometime.

Make sure to or use code “BIBRAVE15” to save 15% off your first order! Enjoy!!!

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