From Darkness Into The Light – SPIBeams Hat Review

As runners we are all challenged with having to complete a majority of our runs early in the morning or in the evening in pure darkness.  Risk is introduced when running in these conditions, whether it be from motor vehicles or navigating the path before you.  When I received the opportunity from SPIBelt to try the SPIBeams Hat I couldn’t resist.  Normally I just grab the first flashlight I can find and head out the door so I was extremely excited about not having to fumble around with carrying something in my hand.

For me 90% of my running activities occur during the dark due to my work and travel schedule.  Add in Fall and practically all of my runs are in the dark.  As mentioned above that results in me lighting up my path with a flashlight or my iPhone light.  Not optimal if you ask me.  Ensuring that I am safe is my #1 priority so emitting enough light to alert drivers is important.  Unfortunately I’ve had several close calls in the past, so I am not sure my choice of a light apparatus was keeping me safe.

Below are the product details that you can find on the SPIBelt website for the SPIBeams Hat:


  • Multiple LEDs on Front and Back
  • Easy On/Off Switch
  • Replaceable Batteries – CR2032
  • Vents for Breathability
  • 128 Lumes

As a BibRAVE Pro we had the option to select either the SPIBeams Hat or SPIBeams Visor, and I opted for the Hat.  The day had arrived that my package was to arrive and like most who receive new things in the mail, I tore open the bag, cut off the tags and immediately put the hat on.  I clicked the buttons and nothing.  What the heck?   Well if I would have taken the time to read the instructions I would have noticed that the hat contains a battery pack that needed to be switched on.  Additionally the SPIBeam series have LED lights on the Front and LED lights (red) on the back.  Talk about a BONUS, that now drivers could see me heading in there direction and allowed drivers approaching from the rear to see the red lights.  SAFE in both directions!!!  So back to my comment about needing a lighting apparatus that could emit enough light to keep me safe?  Well the SPIBeam series LED lights emit 128 Lumes, which is more than your average flashlight.  So you see more of your path and be seen more easily.

I’ve had several runs with my SPIBeam Hat and I honestly have to say I didn’t think my flashlights could be replaced, but I actually feel like I see the road I’m running 100x better and feel that much safer. I’ve logged about 30 hrs and have not had to replace the batteries yet or do not notice that the emitting light is duller. Turning the lights on and off are simple. The front LED lights have a constant setting only whereas the rear LED lights either flash or remain constant. I prefer the flashing mode as during my testing my family members stated it gained there attention more than the constant light. For $29.99 I feel the SPIBeams Hat is priced right over other devices on the market. There are three color varieties to choose from.

The only downside, which overall, really isn’t one is that hand washing is required. Absolutely understandable as there are electrical pieces needed to provide the light. I couldn’t just throw my flashlight in the washer either. Pretty easy to hand wash as you just remove the battery pack away from the hat, remove the rear light pack from the Velcro strap in the back and start hand washing.

If you are looking for a way to keep safe and light up your path during dark time running, I definitely recommend the SPIBeams Hat.

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How do you stay safe running in the dark hours? Do you carry a flash light or another device?

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