My Training Week (2-5-17 / 2-19-17)


Another week in the books and another week I can look back and say, “Well Done”!!!  This week presented itself with the normal daily life challenges where I needed to get creative with my running.

As most of you know I am currently training for the Glass City Half Marathon and Buffalo Marathon, which I received entry from being an ambassador for Bibrave.  Make sure to review all of your races for others to see at

This week started out with a positive outlook with hopes that spring would soon be here and I could do away with the winter gear.  Marathon training is in full effect and hit week 6 with mileage picking up.

Sunday (2/5/17):  I was unable to do a long run on Saturday, family emergency, so I went out on a distance run covering 8 miles.  I wanted to keep those 8 miles at MP and did just that with an average of 7:54/mile.

Monday (2/6/17):  Distance run (30 minutes) and strides (6 x100):  Ended up getting 4 miles in.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I love ending my runs with strides.

Tuesday (2/7/17):  Speed work covering 4.12 miles with an average pace of 7:40/mile.

Wed (2/8/17):  Interval work: 2 mile WU, 8 x 400m with 400m jogging and 2 miles of CD work.  My hump day run encountered a skunk that made me kick it in high gear.  Read about it here.

Thursday (2/9/17): Distance run of 40 minutes done at a jogging pace of 8:43/mile, not to mention on a treadmill.  1st run of the year on one as I was traveling for work.

Friday (2/10/17):  Rest Day – hence Travel Day

Saturday (2/11/17):  Distance run –  1 mile WU, 12 miles MP, and 1 mile CD.  Knocked it out of the park as this run really, really felt good.

Sunday (2/12/17):  Rest day

Monday (2/13/17):  Distance run 35 minutes closing with (6x100m) strides.  After this run I felt a very uncomfortable feeling in my lower right back.  Oh Oh!!!!

Tuesday (2/14/17):  Back felt a little better, however my run got cut short as had an unexpected work call.  1.23 miles in.

Wed (2/15/17):  Rest day – back was feeling tight.

Thursday (2/16/17):  Rest day – back still not feeling right.

Friday (2/17/17):  Distance run but cut short as my back was not feeling right and sharp pains.  3.11 miles in…

With that last run, I’ve decided to have my back checked out.  For the first time in my running career I’ve been sidelined by an injury.  How do you cope right when marathon training is feeling good?



Hopefully I will be able to hit the roads soon and this is not a long injury.  I am hoping for the best and trying to stay positive.  Not sure what to think about a lower back injury as I’ve read multiple articles pointing to different causes, etc.


How do you handle and cope with injuries?

What are some things you do to remain positive?



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