My Hump Day Nightmare

Ok I am one of those runners who absolutely despises running in the dark. The main reason is I’m usually up late which means a 4am alarm clock and me do not get along.  Another reason is rodents…

So this morning was one of those days I forced myself out of the bed at 4:30.  Checked the weather, a humid 47 degrees, grabbed my shorts, laced up the shoes and headed out.  First off the Weather App was wrong as it was raining and felt like 20 degrees.  On I went and headed towards the local high school for speed work.  As I headed out I smelt that awful skunk smell…HIGH ALERT!!!  So I kept the KnuckleLights swiveling back and forth just in case.  Around mile 1.5 I figured I was in the clear running through the parking lot, until this jumped out in front of me.

Talk about a high pitch scream and a jump that would have won me a medal in the high jump.  That tail popped up and my arse just took off in a sprint!  Yep add another check mark to the list as why I hate running in the dark.

It took about every ounce of motivation I had to continue on to the track.  I couldn’t let a darn rodent throw me off my game.  That little rascal got in my head as I was running down the middle of the road or in the middle lane on the track the rest of my run.
Just one of those days where it could have turned out worse.  Luckily I didn’t have to spend the day soaking in this stuff…

I have been trying to run more in the early morning, however after this morning it may take more than setting my alarm to get out there.

So have you ever had a close call experience while running?

What keeps you running in the morning after being startled?

One thought on “My Hump Day Nightmare

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