Where Do You Run…

So during my last two runs I started thinking about where I do my running. Honestly coming to a conclusion on that thought occurred very quickly…city street running. So you may wonder, why I ask??? Basically I wondered how us runners keep on running on a daily basis?

When I first began running back in 2015 I was working in NYC 4 days a week and 16-20 days a month. So most of my running was through Central Park and up and down the East River. Things were new and exciting, and amongst the bustling populous I felt I could run for miles. However now that I am stationed at home more times than not, I find myself running the same routes. So how do you keep things new and exciting?

Last week I took the family down to one of the many trail running paths for some hiking, and what eventually turned into me running. I have to say I had one of my most enjoyable runs scenery wise in some time. I felt the wind blowing, heard the birds chirping, and various wildlife scurrying across the running path. What a change and eventual charge to find new running routes.

In conclusion I will most likely continue to run the same city routes, as I hate having to drive to a new running route. Yes call me fickle. However what I do see myself doing is mixing in some of those trail routes to enjoy nature.

My question to all of you runners out there…”How do you mix things up?” Do you tend to find yourself running the same routes?


3 thoughts on “Where Do You Run…

  1. I do most of my runs in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. If I need to do a longer run, I’ll add other locations to run to: Brooklyn Bridge Park, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, etc. For the long runs of marathon training, I’ve taken the train all the way out to the northern section of Manhattan and run all the way back to Brooklyn.


  2. That’s definitely an issue for me. I do the best I can and rotate between routes – mixing in races along the way to really spice things up. Other than that, I try and find running buddies or change up music or make little challenges for myself. NYC is an incredible city to run in!


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