Turning Laundry Into a Win, with Win Detergent!

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of WIN Sports Detergent to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro(ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find and write race reviews!

Doing laundry is never fun. Add in the pungent smells from an active family, mainly the guys, and that makes it even less fun. To be honest my running gear smells BAD as I sweat what seems like more than the average person. Therefore having a detergent that can cut through the funk and keep my workout gear smelling and looking like new longer is key.

A trip to the local grocery store and down the household cleaning aisle and you will find many laundry detergent options to choose from. It is almost overwhelming. While choices are great to have the question to ask is, “Are any of these laundry detergents designed specifically to remove the nasty output of oils from performance clothing?” The answer is probably not. Enter in Win Detergent, a detergent designed specifically to remove oils from synthetic fibers, which about 90% of performance gear is made of. The ingredients, surfactants, are used to attract, or pull, oils from the synthetic fibers and send those smells down the drain. Leaving your workout clothes smelling fresh and new. Ok enough about the chemistry/laundry lesson. (You can read or watch all about that here, video or text!!!).

When the opportunity presents itself to test and review laundry detergent you don’t find yourself overly excited. However for me I disagree, because if you remember from my comments above, my workout clothes stink! So I jumped all over this opportunity and actually learned a lot about the chemistry behind detergents. Honestly once I started researching the process all of that stuff I learned in college, “Chemistry and Biology”, started to come back. Win Detergent comes in two options, Original Fresh (Blue) or Scent & Dye Free (Green), I chose the Original Fresh for my review. I received an alert that my detergent had shipped which provided me ample time to stock pile my stinky workout clothes, albeit with disappointment from my wife. Laundry day arrived and I immediately started the washer. It is recommended to run the cycle with hot water, which allows the oils to heat up allowing the detergent to actively go to work. I used one capful, which is about 2 oz, on my first load. The detergent is clear in color and the fresh scent was not overly too powerful. I poured in the liquid, shut the lid and waited for the cycle to run through. The good thing about Win Detergent is, while designed for workout clothes there are no negative effects to including your everyday clothes in the same load. Are you telling me I no longer need to separate my stink from my everyday attire?!?! Check mark in the win column for Win! After my first load of laundry I was actually surprised how fresh my workout clothes smelled, however the real test would be for how long. On some of my older clothes they would smell fresh once the laundry was done, only to have the stench return shortly thereafter. To my surprise I wasn’t having to scratch my head to determine if I washed that shirt prior to starting my run. Check mark number two in the win column. Finally I asked the one person who probably does most of the laundry in the house for a second opinion, and to my surprise she agreed that my assumptions on the output and smell were validated.

So after a month of testing and the purchase of another bottle of Win Detergent I have to say I’m a convert to a performance detergent for my workout clothes. The benefits of having clean smelling gear is awesome. I no longer have to work about those looks of, “Dude did you wash your clothes?”, before actually starting a run. I’d also like to add that the price point is reasonable at $10.95 for a 32 oz bottle. If you are still on the fence and this review hasn’t changed your mind, they have the option for purchasing a single wash sample, so give Win Detergent a try a see for yourself.

For a limited time you can use “RAVE4WIN” to get 20% off any WIN purchase (individual bottle, 2-pack, or 4-pack.) Offer good through 1/15/19. Limit one use per household.

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