Keeping Things Simple With the Orange Mud Transition and Seat Wrap!!!

Disclaimer: I received an Orange Mud Transition and Seat Wrap to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

How many times have you finished a run only to not have something to put on your car seat? How many times have you finished a race sweaty and stinky with no place to change? If you have answered never to either of those questions please share your secrets.

For me, both of these questions were constant themes that I frequently needed to address, until I was offered to review the Orange Mud Transition and Seat Wrap. The simplicity and ease of use with the Transition and Seat Wrap has changed my post run/race activities.

The Deets directly from Orange Mud:

⁃ 30” wide by 60” long, so larger than any towels I have laying around

⁃ This is version 2.0, which is now constructed of a PLUSH microfiber versus cotton, meaning softer on your body

⁃ Polyurethane coated belt providing super clean look

All of my long runs are done on trails about 15-30 mins from my house. This requires me to drive and if you know me I SWEAT a lot and do not want my seats nasty. My prior gear consisted of grabbing a towel, or for 90% of the time having to use the floor mat, as I forgot the towel. The Orange Mud Transition and Seat Wrap works fantastic on my seats. The zipper keeps the towel from slipping down on the seat and is long enough to cover the entire seat to prevent any of my stink from seeping permanently into the seat cushion. a perfect fit for my Jeep seats and doesn’t interfere with the seat belt or buckle.

Another area where the Orange Mud Transition and Seat Wrap functions is providing a safe place to change in the open and protect those private parts or being caught in the nude. Orange Mud designed this article with runners in mind. The width of the wrap provides coverage and allows a quick change without any exposure. Previously I would hide behind my vehicle or struggle in the back seat trying to get off those disgusting run articles. The wrap is designed with a polyurethane belt that does not need to be adjusted, because the belt itself has slots where the clip is inserted and the wrap is secure. I’ve used the wrap on multiple occasions and most recently in Central Park after the NYC Marathon and felt absolutely shaded from the 50,000 runners finishing after the race.

Here is a quick video on how to use the changing wrap:

Now that you’ve seen and read just how versatile the Orange Mud Transition and Seat Wrap 2.0 is, it’s time for you to head over to Orange Mud and pick yourself up one. After the first use you will see why others are raving as well. For $39.99 it is a great investment and provides more uses than the standard bath towel.

Save 15% using OMTRX when checking out! Thank you Orange Mud!!!

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