A New Way To Find Routes – RunGo Product Review

“Disclaimer: I received a premium subscription to RunGo to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!”

All runners nowadays use some method of tracking essential running statistics of their daily runs. It’s a creature of habit and a way of pushing our inner abilities to get better. While those devices are essential there is one thing they can’t do, and that is provide runners with new running routes.

The developers of RunGo take this to another level by allowing the user to search or create their own routes, while capturing those essential running statistics such as, time, pace, splits, distance and elevation. For me this hit “PERSONAL”, as I travel frequently for work which leaves me constantly route less. I used to just step out of my hotel in NYC and run, however I have found myself in less populated areas. That led me to searching for “places to run” on the internet. With RunGo it is 10x simpler and I find myself running minutes later.

Here are some of the features RunGo offers:

• Turn-by-Turn Navigation

• Global Running Routes

• Run Analytics

All of these features are free on download or for a nominal price ($9.99/yr) you can purchase the Premium version that includes the below additional features.

• Premium verified routes

• Export GPX

• Interval training

• Live tracking

• Create user groups

Use of the RunGo app is very simple regardless if you are just searching for a route or creating a route.

To Search For A Route:

Launch the app, click “Find Route”, based on whether you allow the app to use yourlocation routes will appear if available. If you are traveling just enter the City, State ahead of time and search for routes. Select the route and hit “Start Run”.

To Create A New Route:

Click “Create Route” and starting selecting points along your intended route. You can have the RunGo follow roads or create your own run route. Another option is to just run and have the app record your run. Next thing to do is publish your route for others to use.

My Thoughts:

The ability to search for new running routes while Itravel is key. RunGo provided that and much more with voice navigation. Instead of having to look at the screen Iwas alerted of an upcomingturn well ahead of time. The notifications of pace and distance were nice to have. I likehaving the options of setting how frequently the notifications are received. The only downside, and tendsto be with any app is the distances seemedto be a tad off. Definitely not much, but noticeable. However with that being said, it will not keep me from continuing to search andcreate newroutes. The premiumfor the price are a nice addition. I have used the live tracking on severaloccasions and exported routes. Definitely give RunGo a try and download the free version. What do you have to lose?

What do you use to find new routes to run?

How do youtrack pace, distance and elevation for your runs?

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Tedrick, Lindsey, Jeannine, Jessica, Brenda

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