Orange Mud Phone. Flask Vest. (P.F.V.) – Product Review

“Disclaimer:  I received the Orange Mud Phone. Flask. Vest. (P.F.V.) to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.  Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews!

How do you hydrate on your training runs or other activities? Do you carry your fluids in your hand or strategically place them around your route beforehand?  I’ve tried both and honestly thought that was the norm, until I was introduced to the Orange Mud P.F.V “Phone.Flask.Vest” hydration pack.

So what is exactly is the Phone. Flask Vest?  It is a pack designed for providing hydration and the ability to carry items while completing various activities (running, biking, obstacle courses and hiking).  As the title states this is actually designed as a vest that is worn on the chest and secured with fast clips.  The flask comes in two different sizes (450ml & 600ml) and is placed in a pocket on the front of the vest (chest).  Based on the above statement this hydration pack should be considered for short runs.  There additional pocket in front of where the flask is held for a phone, or other items should you choose.  A pocket for gels on the right shoulder and on the back a bungy synch where a jacket or shirt could be held down.

I was excited for my first run in the P.F.V, as I mentioned above, this would be my first journey running with a vest derived to provide hydration.  I put on the vest, which was a tad bit challenging to get the fit just right, tightened the straps, filled up the flask with ice cold water and headed out.  I was surprised to see that the vest did not bounce around or add noticeable weight. At first I was skeptical there would be rubbing or chaffing, however what I found out was none of this occurred.  One thing I did notice was that the water in the flask warmed up very quickly.  I did a time study on future runs between a plastic water bottle and the flask water tended to get warmer by a few minutes over the bottle.  Obviously that could be because my body puts off more heat than holding the water bottle in my hand.  The longest run that I did while wearing the vest over the last month and a half was 8mi.

In order to provide a more thorough review I selected the below features to discuss:

Fit:  I went with the Large Vest and while I am not a overly large individual the fit was quite tight.  Not to much room to expand or adjust the straps.  While this did not impact my overall review or like for the product, it could prevent others from using.  As mentioned above putting on the pack at first was challenging.  One side of the pack has a strap with a clip, which you would slide your arm and head through then fasten.  On the other side is just an adjustable strap without a clip.

Design:  I absolutely liked the pockets that were provided on the vest and were definitely easy to get to during the run.  They allowed me to carry all my essentials on a run (phone, gels, keys) while keeping the safe at the same time.

Durability:  As with all OrangeMud products the quality and durability of the materials are second to none and should last for years to come.

Price:  At $99.95, I found that to be a tad steep, however after using for a few months reasoned that the investment would be worth it.  The P.F.V accomplished making my life easier with having one central place to store all of the items I like to have on a run.

The line of products that Orange Mid has to offer is astounding and in my opinion seem to be leading the pack of innovators for hydration packs. I absolutely enjoyed testing the P.F.V out and don’t think I could go back to carrying a water bottle in hand.

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