My Training Week (4/17/17 – 4/23/17)

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Taper weeks look great on training plans, but I’ve always had a difficult time when they finally arrive.  I know in my mind they are important and will leave me set up for success, but there is always they part of my brain that wants to continue to push through.  Well those taper weeks have finally arrived as I have the Glass City Half Marathon (BibRave partner race) (4/23) & and the HOF Marathon (4/30) coming up.

So with that being said I finally took it easy for a change and tapered!

Monday (4/17): 4.01 mile speed workout just to see if my legs had enough gas in the tank, which surprisingly they did as I held a 7:32min/mi pace.  Not to mention negative splits.

Tuesday (4/18): 3.8 mile run with a moderate pace of 7:40 min/mi pace with a focus on hills.

Wednesday (4/19):  3.6 mile run while watching my daughter’s soccer practice.  Overall run felt great, but one where I realized I do overly sweat. 7:20min/mi pace.

Thursday (4/20):  3.1 mile easy run.  Nothing overly exerting finishing up with a 7:50min/mi pace.

Friday: Rest Day included feet up. Ahhhhh!!!

Saturday (4/22): Easy pre-race shakeout run.  Talk about chilly as the temps for mid April were in the upper 30’s, which definitely had me concerned for race day.  2.5 miles at a 8:35min/mi pace.

Sunday (4/23): Race Day!!! 13.1miles at a 7:24min/mi pace.  You can read about the race here.  Posted shortly.

Overall distance for the week was 30.1 miles with an elevation gain of 540 ft for the week!

“Disclaimer: I received entry into the Glass City Half Marathon, Buffalo Marathon, Urban Bourbon Half Marathon to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


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