Month End Training Recap – March 2017

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Disclaimer: I received entry into the Glass City Half Marathon, Buffalo MarathonUrban Bourbon Half Marathon and Detroit Freep Marathon to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

The month of March meant that my upcoming races were approaching quicker and quicker.  Looking back I think I had a decent training month, but felt it could have been a lot better.  My training spanned over several states and multiple countries we added an extra level of complexity.

When I take a quick glance at the number of days I ran, I sigh with a tad bit of disgust. 16 runs which meant I took quite a few days off for various reasons.  I did a lot of traveling as you gathered from my opening paragraph, but also let my stressful work days get the best of me.  My longest run was only 13.1 miles, which leaves me with a lot of guessing if I will be able to persevere over 26.2 miles.

What I do see when I look back over my training runs I see a more consistent pace.  I did quite a bit of speed work to get the sluggish feeling legs back in shape after the time off.  Overall I logged 105.87 miles for the month of March.

Some of my runs occurred in Augusta, Maine along the Kennesaw River, in Pennsylvania, and Manchester, U.K.

My upcoming races on slate are Glass City Half Marathon, Football Hall of Fame Marathon, Buffalo Marathon, the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon, the Freep Marathon and 15k Hot Chocolate in Columbus.

3 thoughts on “Month End Training Recap – March 2017

  1. Nice job running all over the place! I find it really difficult to run when I travel. I guess for me, it’s a bit scary to run around a place I’ve never been to. Looking forward to reading about all of your upcoming race recaps!


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