A Walk in The Clouds – OOFOS Project Pink Sandals – Product Review

“Disclaimer: I received a pair of the OOFOS OOriginal sandals to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!”

We all wear flip flops at some point of the year whether it be poolside, the beach, or just walking around.  What I never thought about was wearing sandals as a source of recovery until, OOFOS.  OOFOS prides itself on providing “Recovery Now, Perform Tomorrow”!

Another reason for me to want to be a part of the review is the Project Pink campaign.  For every Ribbon OOriginal OOFOS purchased the company will be giving back $10 to beast cancer research and you can read about it here!

So how does a pair of OOFOS Sport Sandals differ than any other pair of sandals?  Well that it is easy to describe, they absorb more impact as described below:

  • Athletic shoe foams are designed to “rebound” and propel you forward. Revolutionary OOfoam does the opposite, absorbing 37% more shock with every step than traditional footwear foam.

Not only do the OOFOS absorb shock, but the patented design provides the support that your feet, ankles, knees and back require from everyday activities.  Support from everyday activities?!?! Then I could only imagine the benefits I would gain from slipping into a pair of OOriginal OOFOS after each and every run.  It was time for my feet to feel the OO!

I choose to review the OOFOS OOriginal Sport sandal, but as you can see they carry a variety of styles surely to suit your needs. The package arrived and I immediately noticed the differences (thicker sole, raised arch and very light).

So I slipped my feet in and just said Ooooo! I was amazed by how comfortable these were and made me feel like I was walking on clouds.  You can actually feel the shock being absorbed with each passing step, which was a drastic difference from my everyday sandals.  My ankles and arch felt no pain, which is typical with my other sandals.  All this without even having completed a run.

The time came for those long weekend runs and I was interested to see if the OOFOS sandals could stand up to the testimony.  A quick note, my feet usually very sore if I put in a run any longer than 10 miles, having me searching for a way to provide recovery.  The footbed design of the OOFOS provided me with just that.


  • Very light
  • Durable
  • Cushion


  • Appeal

So after several weeks I have come to the conclusion that providing recovery comes in many shapes and forms.  What I did not take into account, was that it could be provided by a recovery sandal.  The OOFOS do just that and have my feet ready for the next day.  They provide recovery, relief and have me feeling the OO! Do yourself a favor and do the same.
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  • How do you provide your feet the necessary recovery?
  • Have you ever tried OOFOS?

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