My Training Week (2-26-17 / 3-11-17)

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Have you ever had that moment where you just itched to get back out running?  Well after being sidelined with an injury for a few weeks I was in that boat.  In my mind I was looking forward to it and skeptical at the same time.

This post will consist of two weeks of training post injury.  The questioned I was face with was did I pick up where I left off in my training or start slowly?  Without knowing better  I took a minimalist approach just to get my legs wet again my first week back.  Two short distance runs at a moderate pace.  Line behold the back felt great which meant time to crank it up a bit.

2/27/17:  4.01 mile run with 6x75m strides to finish. (34:48).  Run felt good for the first time. No pain in back.

3/2/17: 3.61 mile run at moderate pace (30:02).

3/5/17: 3.13 mile treadmill run on a rest day. (27:06) Still can’t seem to get excited about treadmill runs.

3/6/17: 7:00 mile temp pace run along the Kennebec River in Augusta, ME.  16 min at tempo pace (7:20/min) , 2:00 min jog pace, then 16 min tempo pace (7:20/min).    (54:55)

3/7/17: Travel Day = Rest Day

3/8/17: Distance Run Timed: 5.01 mile run at marathon pace in heavy winds. (40.37)

3/9/17: 6.01 mile speed work. (45:05)

3/10/17: Long Run 12:01 miles at moderate pace in the snow.  First long run since my injury and first nine miles felt great then remaining 3 were tough.
All in all I am happy with my mileage over the second week (33.15 miles).  The back still gets a little tight ever now and then, but will continue to stretch out in hopes of staying healthy.  Otherwise I’m looking forward to my continued training for my spring races!

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How did your training go this week?  

How did your first week back following an injury go?

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