My Training Week (1-29-17 / 2-4-17)

Another week of marathon training in the books and excited where things are heading.  Unfortunately due to the good old groundhog seeing his shadow, I’ll be left dealing with winter for six more weeks.  Thanks pal…

So this week my mileage was up and I had some very good speed work sessions.  Where I lacked this week was in the strength training department.  No worries as I will be back at it next week.  This month I will get to see how my hard work will pay off as I’ll have my first race of the year, Chili Bowl Classic (5k).


Sunday: Distance Run (6.25 miles) at a moderate pace (8.07 min/mi).  All in all this workout felt really good and could have probably pushed for more mileage.

Monday: Distance Run (4.26 miles) at moderate pace finished up with 6 x 100m strides.  Ending with strides just leaves your legs feeling good.  Great addition to my weekly workouts.

Tuesday: Tempo Work (2mi WU, 5 x 1000m Tempo Pace followed by 60 sec jog, CD) and let’s just say Tempo work is never fun!  Not to mention that Tuesday left me with 4in of fresh powder to complete this in.  Those last to Tempo Segments hurt, which overall was a good thing.  Pace per 1000m (7:04, 7:11, 7:12, 7:30, 7:34/mi) total of 7.0 miles.

Wednesday: Distance Run (3.66 miles) at a moderate pace 8:12 min/mi.  Run felt good just stretch out the legs.

Thursday: Fartlek Run (5.4 miles) and they just tend to bring out your best or your worst.  Today they brought out the best. (10 min WU, 10 x 1min (5k pace) & 10 x 1 min jog, 10 min CD).  Kept all my laps at or under 5k pace (6:45/mi).

Friday: Thank goodness for rest days.

Saturday: Long Distance Run (14 miles) at easy pace (8:40/mi).  Cold long run where the fingertips went numb.  Noticed this on some of my longer runs, even when where gloves to prevent this from occurring.  May call for a physician visit in the near future as they are still a tad numb while typing this.

Total Mileage: 40.77 miles

On too Week 4 of my following a Marathon Training plan and for once in my running career I feel I am making progress and will have a great 2017.

So how did you training go this week?  Any ah ha moments?  What went well and what went not so well? 

Share your thoughts as I would like to hear them!

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