Music, Podcasts and More – Running Style

How do you pass the time during your daily runs?  Do you listen to music, podcasts, audio books or just listen to nature?  For me it becomes a variety of the above and varies from day to day.


When I first started running I would listen to music and playlists stored on my handy dandy phone.  What I came to realize was that the music stored on my phone was limited and I was listening to the SAME music over and over.  Boring to say the least.  Workouts all felt the same with no variety.  So I added my iPod Classic that stored roughly 15,000 songs and here came variety!  However like everything I didn’t have those newly released songs that pumped me up.

In come Rock My Run or otherwise known as “Music That Moves You”!!!  Customized DJ mixes of your favorite music which could be set to the beat you prefer.  So you may ask what I mean?  Well you can have the music follow your steps or heart rate and watch your motivation soar!  The amount of playlists out there is amazing and they offer a free subscription (ads) or a paid service.

What music sharing services do you use on your runs?


As my running grew so did the yearning to know more about the sport.  I have listened to podcasts over the years, but never podcasts specifically geared to the sport of running.  So below I’ve listed my favorite podcasts that I advise you to check out.

BibRave PodcastListen to Bibrave founder Tim Murphy and co-host Julia discuss all things running and racing.  A great way to catch up on your favorite running topics while on that long run.

Man Bun Run Podcast:  Host Rylee McDermont brings various guests on a show that brings a unique perspective to the world of running and endurance sports.

The Hackers Paradise PodcastIf you love golf, then you will love this podcast.  The cast brings it with several different podcasts each raising the bar to your access in golf equipment, fantasy predictions, and the golf industry.

I am looking to grow my podcast list, so what are a few you recommend?


Audiobooks are an arena that I haven’t ventured into yet.  I am not much of a reader anymore, but have thought about picking it up.  For me I’m not sure I would pay attention enough to capture the theme or message of the book.

For those listening to audiobooks, do you enjoy it?  Would you recommend it?


Another thing I struggled with over my short running career is headphones and the safety with them?  I started out wearing both ear buds in, then went to one, and recently decided to run without them.  After almost being struck twice by a vehicle, I’ve felt I wasn’t hearing my surroundings.

Luckily through my ambassadorship with Bibrave, I am now testing out the Aftershokz Sportz Titanium Bone Conducting Open Ear Headphones.  Wow that was a mouthful to get out.  Well let me just say these have reintroduced music and podcasts back into my running.  The sound quality is amazing and I can hear my surroundings.  I will be writing up a full review in the upcoming weeks.




2 thoughts on “Music, Podcasts and More – Running Style

  1. Thank you for the follow. I have enjoyed very briefly thus far having a quick look over here. Some great products and causes you are an ambassador for.

    I am very much “old school” when it comes to running. I just enjoy getting out running in nature and enjoying the sounds (and silence) that it offers me. On occasion a song will just pop into my head while out for a run. The cool thing with running we all have our ways that motivate us. Each way is all great. 🙂


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