My Training Week (1-22-17 / 1-28-17)

We all have those weeks where things just don’t seem to work out the way you planned. Weather, work, injury and family items came into full effect this week.  Looking forward to getting back in track next week.

I don’t know about most of you, but I’ve always been an afternoon or evening runner.  Due to late nights, I’ve never been able to roll out of bed before 6am.  Then its assist with getting my daughter ready for school and out the door.  Then add in work…just one of those weeks, but hoping for good things to come.  Ok I done making excuses so let’s get in to the training.

Sunday: rest day

Monday: easy 35 minute paced run and finished up with 6 (100m) strides. (4.2 miles)

Tuesday: skipped speed work due to track being locked and ran an moderate paced 30 min run (4.1 miles)

Wednesday:  tight calf pain to great to even jog

Thursday: 40 min fartlek run 5.0 miles

Friday: Couldn’t make it out for a run

Saturday: Legs weren’t feeling it and I overslept.  Long run cancelled.  3.6 miles

So what I gained from this week was that I need to find a way to get up early.  No way around it with the kids growing fast and not wanting to miss too much.  Probably one of my worst weeks since I started running.

*My start of this week was awesome as I got a 10km in.*
So how did your week pan out?

– What are some tips to help a non-morning runner get out of bed early?

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