Running Safe With Knuckle Lights – Product Review

Disclaimer: I received a pair of rechargeable Knuckle Lights to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

How many of you running in the early morning or late night experience one of the following scenarios?

  • You are running only to have a rodent jump out and run across your path causing you to soil yourself?


  • You are running in the dark to have a driver not see you and turn right in front of you, causing you to nearly injure yourself?

Well nearly all of us have experienced one of those scenarios, or countless others, and can continue to read on.  For those of you who raised your hand and said it has never happened to you, well you can continue to read on as well.

I am one of those reckless runners that doesn’t wear enough reflective gear or carry illumination devices when I run.  So when the opportunity arose for me to try out Knuckle Lights, I jumped quicker than you could say jump.  I can’t  count how many times I’ve been startled by rodents, bikers, or distracted drivers that in turn have ruined a run.  In order to prevent that over the last year I’ve started carrying everything from small flashlights to the extra large mag light pictured below.  Every time I ended my run without said article, for the simple fact I hate carrying something in my hands.

So the day arrived where I had a package waiting, which only could be my Knuckle Lights.  I tore into the package to find the rechargeable Knuckle Lights.  The company’s motto is #SeeAndBeSeen and after looking directly into the light and pressing the button I knew why.  “Blinded By the Light” ran through my mind.  Each set comes with two devices that are intended to be worn over the knuckles and pump out 280 lumens of dispersed light.  Beacons!!!  The lights are held on your hands by adjustable silicon straps, that fit over thick gloves as well.  The lights have three different settings (high, low and blinking) that can be used with an easy push of a button.


Battery life estimates from the KnuckleLights page.

  • 4 Hours on High Power | 8 Hours on Low Power | 14 Hours on Blinking

Something I find cool about the KnuckleLights is the fact that they have magnets, so you never misplace the other.

So my impressions heading in were very positive, as I had been in the need of running safe. Shorter days and less sunlight means more darkness.  For me carrying something in my hands has always been an issue, however the KnuckleLights tip the scale a 3oz so I practically forgot they were there.  The amount of light they give off make seeing my path easy and alert drivers of my presence.  I never leave the house with out my Knuckle Lights when I run.  Such a great product, no more batteries, no more searching for the flashlight and no more worried about the rodents that may cross my path.  I now #SeeAndBeSeen with my Knuckle Lights!!!


Knuckle Lights is giving you 10% off your entire order when using “bibravepro” at checkout. So make sure to snag a pair with this offer.

Also don’t forget that on Tuesday, January 24th, BibRave and Knuckle Lights will be hosting a #bibchat at 9pm EST.  Come by and chat with us and you may just walk with a set of your own!  See you there.

As always make sure to check out Knuckle Lights on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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