How Do You Handle Cold Temps?

So as I am, hopefully, halfway through my first full winter of running, I’ve come to starting think how I and others handle the cold.  I hope this thought will drive some conversations as I believe several of us could benefit from the responses.

When the temperatures drop I fight with my mental being to layer up and head out into the cold.  Some call me crazy, let me rephrase, most call me crazy, but to me it’s the only way.  I don’t run on treadmills, so the cold, icy roads it is.  So here are some questions I’ve pondered…

Note for the below questions I am referring to temperatures in the single digits and below.

  • How do you know when too many layers are just that, too many?
  • Is it important to incorporate a wind breaker layer?
  • How long should one run with unprotected eyes?  Does eyewear (sunglasses) provide protection?

Also what I’ve noticed is that when running in snow, whether fresh or packed, that my pace is slower and my legs feel tired and sluggish.

  • Is this the norm?
  • Are there ways to prevent this or just something we have to deal with?
  • Or does running in snow tend to build our muscles?

Lastly those running necessities…

  • I’ve noticed my iPhone or iPod will play while in my pocket, but when I remove them to take a picture they shut down.  Is this normal?
  • What do you do to keep your hydration fluids drinkable and not frozen?

Hopefully this post will drive some conversation and help a newbie runner.

Thanks for reading!

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