My Training Week (1-1-17 / 1-8-17)

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Sometimes motivation comes in different forms and this week definitely presented me with that.  We all celebrated and welcomed in 2017, which meant the start of New Years resolutions and personal goals.  For me that meant the start of marathon training for my upcoming races in the midst of a brutal winter.  A brutal winter where it will be my first of my short running career.

When I mention motivation, the start of the week I was still in sunny southern Florida.  That meant warm temperatures and beach runs…who needs motivation for that?  Not me as I could run along the shore without the addition of any ear buds.  I set forth a training plan for my upcoming races, the Glass City Half Marathon and the Buffalo Marathon.  This year the plan was to stick to a plan and not ad-hoc my training as I have done in the past.

So without further delay here was my week in review:

Sunday:  To kick off the New Year I took off on a moderate paced 9 mile run consisting that last 1:15:21 seconds.  I took a deliberate route that took me into the sand for 3 miles…extra work!  (Note I haven’t mastered the moving photos yet.)

Monday: Cross training day where I spent the time in the pool on the resort.  30 minutes of lap work.

Tuesday:  Was an off day as I really wasn’t feeling that I could go for speed or distance and only put in 4.0 miles of work.

Wednesday:  Another 4.0 mile run in the middle of the day and 85* temps.  I gave it my all as it was the last day in paradise and kicked up the pace to 7:31.

Thursday:  Was a travel day (17 hour drive), but did make sure to incorporate my #AbChallenge into one of my rest stops.  Oh yeah I forgot I am also doing Twitter @MelindaHoward4 #AbChallenge for the month of January.

Friday:  Welcome back to Ohio and subzero temps and freshly fallen snow.  -5* and now quit with a 7.18 mile run at an average pace of 8:19

Saturday:  More of the same as the cold weather hasn’t snap, but was able to get in 6.4 miles with an average pace of 8:04.

Overall this week was just that a tale of two nines…with warmth and freezing temps.  Motivation and sticking to the plan will take some work over the next few months, but thankfully I have some great motivators at home and within the running community.

Stay tuned for weekly training post for my upcoming races.


So how did you training play out this week?  Did you make any New Year’s resolutions that hopefully weren’t broken in the first week?


Stay motivated and stick to your 2017 resolutions.



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