2017 Running Goals

In order to remind myself each day and provide motivation I decide to outline my goals and make it public knowledge.  As I vault into my 2nd full year of running it’s time to up the stakes and see what my body is capable of.

  • Goal #1 – Run 2017 miles in 2017…why not?  I’ve created a goal in GarminConnect to track my progress throughout the year.  Looking at the numbers that equates to 5.5 miles per day or 38 miles per week.  
  • Goal #2 – Strength Training will be a key part of my regimen this year as it was non-existent in 2016.  Ever feel like you struggle to sit up during the day?  Well I was plagued by this over the year.  Time to up the core training.
  • Goal #3 – Run a race each month.  I believe to keep running fun incorporating races over the year is important.  It allows us to share the running journey with other runners. Plus I like to compete.
  • Goal #4 – Reward my support group. I don’t think I say thank you enough to my wife and family for the early morning alarms and the complaints of body aches on a weekly basis.  Sometimes my training is modified to evening runs, which cuts into family time.  Time to be more cognizant.
  • Goal #5 – Kick butt!  Be motivated and get out there and just train.  There will be days where it’s too cold, raining, or just when I feel blah!  Staying on top of my training and sticking to my training plan will be key to staying injury free in 2017!

So that about sums up my goals for 2017.  Now that the new year has arrived it’s time to continue acting on those goals.
So what are your running goals for 2017?  

Do you write your goals out and review them daily?

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