Epsoak Epson Salt – Product Review

Disclaimer: I received a container of Epsoak Pro from San Francisco Salt Company to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Us guys have all heard the cries, “Don’t use all the hot water!”, when it comes to baths and showers from our significant others.  Well after receiving the Epsoak Pro from San Francisco Salt Company, those cries have become the norm in my household from my wife and daughter.  I can say coming into this review I was skeptical, as I have never been one to soak.  What a bad misconceived perception that was…

So this monstrous 8.5 lb tub of Epsoak Pro arrived and I immediately cracked open the box and decided to take a soak.  The Pro is the unscented version of the trio offered by San Francisco Salt Company.  From the company’s website for description of the three versions of the salts.

  • Pure Unscented – an unscented natural remedy for soothing muscle aches, cleansing pores and detoxifying.  Pure, premium Magnesium Sulfate with no essential oils is wonderful for those with sensitive skin.  Looking for a warm unscented soak with all of the benefits of Epsom Salt?
  • Energizing – is an awakening and invigorating Epsom salt blend infused with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils for deep muscle restoration.  High quality essential oils are mixed with our premium Epson Salt to create the perfect post-workout soak.  Eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils are known to have a beneficial effect on muscle soreness and recovery after a long, hard workout.
  • Soothing – is a lavender-infused Epsom salt blend ideal for restoration and relaxation soaking.  Our pure salt is mixed with premium essential oils to create a soaking experience that is wonderful for recovery and relaxing the mind and body.  Lavender essential oil is known to help promote a good night’s sleep so you can wake up ready to train hard the next day.

You may ask yourself who is SFSalt company?  Well they company classified as a premiere wholesaler offering gourmet chef sea salts and body salts. Fancy my cooking and recovery skills…
I planned for a long hard run the day my salts arrived so my muscles and knees were feeling overworked and ready for a good soaking.  I added four scoops as suggested to receive the full recovery effects.  I have used salts in the past on occasion and was surprised at how quickly the Epsoak salts dissolved in the warm water.  No sitting on hard salts is a win in my book.  As I popped out of my twenty minute soak I felt refreshed and honestly did not have any muscle soreness.  One minor thing I did noticed was my skin felt a little dry after the soak, however that may have been due to the soap I used, as I did not experience any dryness on future soaks.

In order for me to fully gage the recovery effects of the Epsoak salts, I needed to engage a true veteran of soaking, so I employed my wife to be a tester for me.  She felt that the salts provided a detoxifying effect and for one with sensitive skin saw no irritations after her soak.  She suffers from a blog clot that causes swelling in her leg and noticed that after a few soaks the swelling had decreased.

So in conclusion my time with Epsoak will continue into the future as the company is offering a 10% off promotion off the 5lb bag when using the code RAVE10.  I found the salts to provide a refreshing feel and provide an enhanced recovery penetrating deep into my muscle aches.  Add in the fact that no irritation for those with sensitive skin and this opens up to serving the masses.  So after all my preconceived perceptions of guys soaking with Epsom Salts has changed by miles and my household has now introduced a ticket machine to wait on the bath tub.

So now I am off to soak…


Do you use Epsom Salts to recovery from aches and pains?


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