My Training Week 12-12-16

This week Ohio and the rest of the Midwest were greeted with frigid and dangerous temps, which leave runners with the decisions of run outside, seek a treadmill, or sleep in all together.  For me I layer up and head outdoors hoping I don’t become an ice statue.  Believe me making that decision is sometimes very difficult to do…

Luckily with working from home I have the option to modify my running times throughout the day, which in turn can add a few degrees temperature wise versus running early morning.  Now only if that sun would cut through the clouds.  As the year draws to a close I’ve decided to cut my mileage back a tad, while still aiming to complete my #200MileChallemge, prior to beginning my marathon training in Jan.  I have three marathons and a half scheduled in the first quarter of 2017.

This week I was disappointed that I did not get any speed or hill work in.  I have to say since this is my first full winter running, this week was by far the most difficult.  Due to lack of sidewalks in my area, I was forced to run loops in my neighborhood.  Therefore as you can imagine anything above 8 miles becomes very painful.  Just so you have a gage, 1 loop is roughly 3.5 miles.  

Sunday: Consisted on an 8.5 mile run in chilly temps with falling snow.  No ice but a manageable run.

Monday: Cold and I mean cold temps (5*F) and I managed to get in another 8 miles split up by two 4-mile runs.

Tuesday: my morning run consisted of navigating ice and cold frigid temps where I knocked out 4 miles.

Wednesday: Cross training and strength workout.

Thursday:  6 mile frozen run through the neighborhood.

Friday: Day off

Saturday: 14 mile painfully boring run in the neighborhood.  I think that was about 4.5 loops…UGH!

I ended up logging 40.5 miles for the week where I think I’ve memorized every address in my neighborhood.  No wonder why the sheriff’s have been patrolling as there was a crazy guy frosted over running throughout.

As far as my #200MileChallenge I am 80 miles away, which will have me cranking it up a notch.  So much for tapering!

  • So how did your training go this week?
  • Do you run indoors or outdoors in cold weather?

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