My Training Week In Review – (12/5 -12/11)

Another week closer to 2017 and another week complete on my year of running in 2016.  As the temperature drops I find myself wishing I could adapt to treadmill running.  Until that happens I will continue to lace the shoes up and throw on extra layers.

My week consisted of preparing for a week of travel that introduces bad eating habits and long days.  Sneaking in runs can be difficult or be skipped all together.  I should have known after my Monday run in cold rain that this week would shape up to be one to remember.  So off I went to San Antonio, Texas and high carb Mexican foods.  Note chips and salsa are my vice and I will go through mounds of bowls.  Mexican food just happens to be one of my favorite delicacies.  You can read about my run in SA here.

I followed up my Wed run with another 9 mile run before heading back to the North, where I would be welcomed with 6 inches of snow.  Running in snow can be fun and difficult all in the same thought. That eight mile run felt like someone strapped cinder blocks to my feet.

All in all I felt I had a good week and made progress in completing my #200MileChallenge by the end of the year.  I kicked off that goal on Black Friday after a lack luster November. This week I rounded out and finished with 49.75 miles for the week.

So how did your training play out?  

Did you have to deal with the elements?

3 thoughts on “My Training Week In Review – (12/5 -12/11)

    1. For me it’s mental. I’ve tried watching tv shows and covering the display, but can’t seem to do more than 5 miles on a treadmill. At the same time my routes are becoming limited with sidewalks not being cleared, so…

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