Running Through San Antonio – Comical Adventure

For those that don’t know me all that well, I do quite the bit of traveling for work.  Well work sent me to San Antonio, Tx this week and what better way to get out and explore the city by running…right?

Let met preface by stating that normally I will check weather reports, especially in December, when traveling.  However this time I did nothing of the sorts as I would be in Texas…thinking it would be warm.  Well how wrong was I, as Texas was hit with that Arctic Blast coming down from Canada.  So I looked through my luggage to find I did not pack gloves or a hat to keep my head warm.  Like most runners not having those articles would never keep us from getting that run in…so off I went.

In my preparations I did a Google search of the best running routes in San Antonio and came across this one.  This route would allow me to see a significant part of the downtown area, including some major historical sites from our country’s history.  So I charged up my phone, jumped in my car, and headed to Tito’s Restaurant, my starting point.  Upon first stepping out of the car and feeling that wind I started to second guess myself, and the started placing one foot in front of the other.  Soon before I noticed I was snapping pictures to keep in my memory books.

Historic LaVillita – Mexican art village and teaching center.

Maury Maverick 

My run took me through downtown San Antonio, past the Alamo and the along the River Walk.  In total the route I was following was 5.8 miles.  This was the first time I was following a route from “Map My Run”, and didn’t know until I started that I wouldn’t receive any alerts to turn, etc.  I ended up staring more at the app trying to navigate than I did concentrating on my run.  Then again it could have been my infancy of knowledge with the app.  So I continued along seeing Christmas lights and people in the city streets and soon came upon The Alamo. 

Queue up the comedy…

Around 4 miles in I noticed that my phone battery was down to 8% and I still had 2 miles to go.  Oh crap!!!  What was I going to do?  So I tried to memorize the route as best as I could along with kicking the pace up to a all out sprint.  I was raving against time and trying not to fall into the San Antonio River.  For those of you who have never run along the RiverWalk, there are no railings to protect you from falling in.  Add in the winding turns and narrow paths, that can be dangerous.  

I kept running and running and finally made it to the last turn.  Luckily my phone had 1% left when I completed my run and I made it back safely.

Overall this running route was amazing and provided a lot of historical sites to see.  The run along the RiverWalk was amazing with the festive decorations and Christmas caroling taking place.  One thing I wish I had done was realize my phone never charged.
So have you ever had one of those runs where you could have ended up lost?  How did it turn out?

Have you ever run along the RiverWalk?

3 thoughts on “Running Through San Antonio – Comical Adventure

  1. matosm32

    My dad and I used to hike in the mountains if PA when I was younger (1st grade age for this story). We went to the same places normally but this one time we decided to try a different trail that we’ve never been on before. It was starting to get dark out and night was closing in a lot quicker than I think we had anticipated. We ended up hooking up to an old trail that we were somewhat familiar with and took it to the street. From there we threw out our thumbs and a truck with two big dogs in the back piked us up and dropped us at the parking lot. We were definitely lost but to this day my dad will tell you he knew exactly where we were he just wanted to take a different route.


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  3. I like San Antonio, but in fairness was only there once. I went for work as well, but it was one of those work meetings where you stay inside for a ton of hours and they don’t let you out to see the light of day. We did have dinner on the River Walk, which I bet is a ton of fun to run, and I snuck out to see the Alamo to say that I did (it was closed). Sounds like a great adventure!


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