My Training Week 11/21/16

Can anyone say Thanksgiving Hangover???  Well that is exactly what my training week ended up being last week.  It was one of those weeks that started off great then ended in a downslide, due to family obligations and holiday traditions.

Actually thinking back I can’t say it was all that bad having just ran a half marathon the previous weekend.  I started off my week with some easy runs sprinkled in amongst cross training.

Monday:  Easy 3.5 mile run through neighborhoods and city streets.  (Check out my next blog installment.)

Tuesday:  Cross training day – swimming laps at the pool.  30 minutes

Wednesday:  6.08 mile run – 45:46 at 7:31 min/mile

Thursday:  My Turkey Trot – 10.00 mile run 1:19:44 at 7:58 min/mile to start the holiday festivities. I got caught up searching for #RunChatHunt items, which added to my time.

Friday:  Black Friday shopping slumber.  4 miles walking should count for something.

Saturday:  Michigan/Ohio State Football game – due to the loss I decided to hide inside.

Sunday:  Trail run 3.1 mile 26.09 at 7:15 min/mile, which I have to say was one of my favorite runs in the last few weeks.

So honestly I slacked on two days during the week, which come Sunday had me setting a new goal to finish the year.  200+ miles by December 31st, 2016.  Not to shabby!  Poor weeks lead to goal setting.

So how did your training go last week?  Are there things you would have done differently?  Train harder or do less?

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