My Training Week 11/14/16

11-21-2016 7-10-31 PM.png

It appears that Old Man Winter decided it was finally time he make his presence known this week.  Therefore I dug out one of my favorite quotes which inspires me to continue my training during those not so fun/freezing mornings.

“Summer bodies are earned on these winter roads.”

This week consisted of tapering preparation for my half marathon I ran this past Saturday.  The excitement was building for the race, as this was my first half marathon, in my early running career.  I had run and completed four marathons this year so I didn’t really quite know what to expect.  My mental focus was to run shorter distances focused on pace and not starting out to fast.

Monday – Consisted of cross training in the lap pool – 20 x 50m (thoughts of that first Triathlon dancing in my head)

Tuesday – Yasso 800’s  followed by a short 2 mile afternoon run

Wednesday – 4-mile easy run 29:41 (7:25/mile)

Thursday – 5-mile race pace run 35:33 (6:57/mile)

Friday – Off day

Saturday – 3 mile shake out run 22:00 (7:20/mile)

Sunday – Half Marathon 1:33:57 (7:10/mile)

All in all I felt pretty good about my week of training followed by completing my first half marathon.  Immediately upon finishing I decided instead of going into hibernation for a week I put my name on the dotted line for my next half marathon, “Santa Hustle” in Sandusky, Ohio.

What are you doing to maintain that summer body during those long cold winter months?!?!

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