A Mental Challenge of a Race

After my last marathon and with the end of the year approaching (snow flakes) I wanted to get in one final marathon. So I decided based on availability to my current location that I would do the NCN Inland Trail Marathon in Elyria, Oh. This would be my first Trail race and I did not know very much about the race organizer or race itself.
Fast forward to race day. My commute was about an hour to the location. The race did not have an Expo so bib pick up was held the morning of the race. Upon arriving to the location that was provided, I soon realized this couldn’t have been the right place. No cars in the parking lot. After following a few other cars that pulled into the same location as I did, we found the correct location. Registration and bib pick up was seamless as there weren’t many runners for the race.
The route and course set up was very easy with minimal elevation changes. The challenging part was the fact I didn’t see many people during the race. Based on location and the fact it was a Trail race there weren’t many supporters out along the course. One thing that was coordinated well was the amount of aid stations alon the course providing Gatorade, H2O, and GU Gels.
The mental part of the race was probably the most challenging. There were times along the route that I thought I may have been running the wrong way as I did not see any racers in front of or back of me. Definitely a race where it was you, the falling leaves, and the run.
Finishing the race you were greeted by the organizers, volunteers and provided your race medal. Nothing spectacular and no finishers party.
As this race probably wouldn’t be for me to run again, I definitely see those wanting to enjoy a nice peaceful race running through the countryside to look into.

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